Saturday, January 7, 2012

Well, Now What?

The Christmas (etc.) holidays have passed and the new year is upon us.  We have all probably made and broken resolutions by now so, why bother in the first place?  School is in full swing in the public arena as well as around our kitchen table.  We have had a banner week.

So far, 2012 has already brought both tragedy and triumph to the doorsteps of many.  Most of us don't believe that the world will end at the Winter Solstice but, if we were all really honest, there is, hunkering down in the backs of our brains, that tiny week-old question:  what if?  Well, WHAT IF?  What does it really change?  Will we over-indulge our kids?  (Been there.)  Will we over-indulge ourselves?  (Done that.)  Will we spend beyond our means as if we don't have to pay the piper?  (Bought the tee-shirt.)

Or, will we instead, "See God's face, feel His Presence, trust His love?"  (Can you tell I just watched Seven Days in Utopia?)  I'm choosing these things for myself and my children in 2012.  I am choosing to be thankful for "food in a world where many walk in hunger and faith in a world where many walk in fear."  When I think about how these intentions might translate into our real-life experience, I consider the Apostle Paul who declares his contentment in times of both want and plenty.  I purpose in my heart not to be a great big complainer, but decide to do the good thing that is placed before me each day (no matter what it is) and pray that I will recognize it.  Whether the good thing is to listen to my son when he confesses his heart, or to offer mittens to someone with cold hands, or, even to offer genuine love to someone with a cold heart.  Maybe the good thing before me will be to sign a book contract.  My commitment is to do what I'm called to today, and again tomorrow, to walk this out in front of my family and strangers alike.

I believe this is how I will find purpose and passion in 2012--whether the world ends or not.  Who's in?  Join me!